Who would have thought that a book about language and the etymology of the English language would make you laugh out loud?

Welcome to the most stunning book I’ve read in 2019 (indeed, in quite a long time). “The Etymologican” is brilliant, entertaining, hugely informative and totally captivating.

Reading it is like sitting and listening to a delightfully clever and enthusiastic friend share his/her passionate hobby.

Quirky linguistic facts follow one after the other, as the clearly insatiably curious Mr. Forsyth explains the connections between words, across languages and history.

It is a dazzling tour de force, but without any hint of showing off. You feel Mr. Forsyth’s enthusiasm as he links one word to another, and his joy at sharing his discoveries.

Although the book is written in bite-sized chapters, I found it difficult not to devour it all in one go.

A book to be savoured, enjoyed and (in my case) definitely shared with anyone who will follow my book recommendations!

Seriously, dear reader, do yourself a favour and read this smashing book.

Here’s the link to order it:

And don’t forget to let me know what you thought of it.

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