A murder mystery set on an idyllic Thai island, involving scuba diving.

“Ooh, yes”, I thought, “that will make perfect holiday reading for my scuba diving holiday in Thailand.”

As it so happened, the book didn’t arrive on time, so “The Dive” has been my post-diving read, and a jolly good read it is, too.

The story is narrated by the two main protagonists of the story, Cass (a scuba instructor) and Brooke (an Instagram travel influencer) and we see the island, the residents and the events that unfold through their differing viewpoints.

Both young women have back stories (which is pretty normal), and we gradually learn little snippets about their past as the story evolves.

Against the idyllic backdrop of a pretty little island, turquoise seas and scuba diving there is, however, an underlying feeling that all is not as perfect as it would appear. The sense of suspicion and hidden secrets gets increasingly disturbing, and since we see events from two perspectives, those of Cass and Brooke, the reader’s point of view changes, too.

One wee complaint – I would’ve liked a little more “Thai-ness” in the book. Other than telling us we are in Thailand, and the slightly cliché-d portrayal of the Thai police, the mood is very much that of Western tourists in a beautiful Asian setting. There aren’t any Thai characters at all.

Now as for the ending.

I did not see that coming at all.

Not at all.

Smashing ending.

A good read. And it’ll never put you off scuba-diving, nor Thailand, so worry not.

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