This is an animal book like no other.

It is a sumptuous collection of animal portraits, shot in a studio setting.

There is no background of the African bush, or the Indian jungle. Just one spectacular animal at a time, starting into the camera’s lens, against either a plain white or a plain black background.

There are no props. The focus is 100% on the bird or animal.

The stunning, resultant photos are more akin to a 19th century artist’s formal portrait, and their solemn intensity is very moving.

All creatures, great and small, feature in this gorgeous book.

From hens to elephants, horses to lions, every bird, every domestic animal, every wild creature is portrayed in all their majesty and beauty.

In a fun appendix, Mr. Ford tells us about each and every bird and animal he photographed, letting us into the secrets behind the portraits.

Here are just a few photos from a breath-taking work of art – because make no mistake, that is what this sumptuous book is. A work of art.

JABARI, the young lion with a punk hair-do
My favourite – PERRY, the two-toed sloth

This beautiful looking hardback book is 100% recommended.

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