This enthralling book made perfect lockdown reading.

Any personal, self-indulgent tendency to wallow in despair at the Coronavirus crisis swamping the world, could be put into some sort of context while reading this book.

When the entire world was at war, when Hitler’s troops were planning a mass invasion of southern Europe, when everything seemed so bleak and helpless, a daring, slightly madcap plan, thought up by a group of British boffins and mavericks, helped change the course of the war.

“Operation Mincemeat” tells the story of how the corpse of a tramp, launched into the Atlantic carrying fake letters and documents, had a major effect on Hitler’s invasion plans.

However incredible that might sound, this actually happened. The story of Operation Mincemeat is a tale of creative thinking, and planning, and meticulous attention to detail.

Plus good luck, and fair tides.

What I especially loved in the telling of this exciting tale, is the wealth of detail Mr. Macintyre has uncovered, revealing in the process the painstaking planning that went into this deception.

Nothing that could even remotely be left to chance, was.

From underwear to the way letters were folded – every possible minutiae was covered, in the hope that the Axis partners would buy into the deception.

Which they did.

“Why did this make such good lockdown reading?” do I hear you ask?

I think it was because the book is so well written, and full of funny, quirky detail. And that is it a tale with a positive ending. And it’s a true story. And there’s even a James Bond connection.

It certainly helped me forget about the terrible times, while I read it. Gave me hope, if that doesn’t sound too mushy and clichéd.

Enjoyable, incredibly well researched.


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