Well, you live and you learn.

Intrigued by the title, I found out that to describe a woman as “round-heeled” implies that she is, well, an easy lay.

A whore.

But absolutely not the delightful Jane Juska, who uses the expression with her witty tongue very firmly in her well-bred cheek.

This quite extra-ordinary book chronicles a single lady in sort-of-late-middle-age in her quest for, well, for sex.

She is quite straight-forward about her aims and her methods.

She places an ad – a rather clever literary one, admittedly – in a rather clever literary magazine.

She meets the men who answer it.

And she has sex.  Or she doesn’t.

She falls in love.  Or she doesn’t.

She makes friends. Or she doesn’t.

But most importantly of all, she has great fun (and some good sex, too) and sparkles her way through the whole picaresque adventure.

If her family was shocked when she embarked on her adventures, goodness knows how they felt when this best-selling book was published, nor of the stage adaptation.  For Jane Juska pulls no punches in her descriptions of the male anatomy, nor her lust for it, but it is actually all done so un-pruriently that the book is a delight.

Oh, and in case you don’t believe me about the meaning of the title, I Googled it :

“ROUND HEELS noun (chiefly U.S. slang): Rounded heels that allow the wearer to rock backwards easily; usually transferred and figurative implying the inability to remain upright, as in an incompetent boxer or sexually compliant woman; hence ROUND-HEELED adjective; round-heeler noun.”

There you go.  You live and you learn.

Published in 2003 by by Villard, New York, the paperback sells for $15.

Now you want to buy the book, don’t you?

It’s a fun read, so simply click on the links below


  1. Hi Christine,
    I read your review of this book and was most intrigued. So bought it on Flipkart and found it most interesting. I guess there are round heeled women and there are round heeled women!

    Ilmas Futehally

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