There are some books about India that are just so perfect that reading them is a total & utter joy. “The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra” is one such book.Vaseem Khan’s novel is an absolute delightful and is so, well, quintessentially Indian, in that it manages to combine gritty police...

CACTI CULTURE by Major General C.S.Bewli

This attractive-looking, beautifully photographed book is good-looking enough to be a coffee-table book, while also being a useful reference book that is well-written, and easy to read for a non-specialist. Sharing his extensive knowledge with the reader, the author begins with basic facts about cacti and succulents, and then explains how...


We are living in interesting times here in India, ever since the government decided to wage a high-profile campaign against black money, but – everyone believes – actually aimed at political opposition.  Which means that the just-published novel, “The Strongman’s Daughter” is deliciously bang up-to-date. For in the character of...


How is it possible that this stunning novel eluded me for 2 years? What a read. I sat up in the misty Himalayas, wrapped in a duvet against the damp chill, and read and read and read and didn’t go exploring.  Just gobbled up this dark, gripping, clever book. The book...

“How it works” THE HUSBAND – a Ladybird Book

For Christmas, I was given 2 of the brilliant Ladybird books for grown ups –  here’s one of the reviews – and so it was with great pleasure that I accepted a friend’s thoughtful gift for my husband when I was in London recently. Though, actually, having read this handy...

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A quick word about books, India and me.

My name is Christine Pemberton, I am British, and a full-time resident of Delhi. India is my forever home.

I have always loved books, I read English at Oxford, and I have dabbled in writing for years.

Living in India, a country where books and publishing are thriving, there is a palpable sense of energy around the written word.

I am in a book club where everyone is passionate about books. I have friends who are authors and writers and journalists. The buzz about writing just seemed too infectiously noisy to ignore.

So here is my own take on books, on what is being written, and on what we are reading here in India.