HOME BOY by H.M.Naqvi

“Home Boy” is the powerful début novel by the young, talented Pakistani writer H.M.Naqvi. A picaresque novel of post 9/11 America, it is hard-hitting and shocking in its depiction of a land, a landscape and a people changed for ever. Three young Pakistani friends live in and around New York. … Continue reading

WITNESS THE NIGHT by Kishwar Desai

This compelling first novel by Kishwar Desai takes the reader to the heart of Punjab, where a world of unexpected horror and deceit and sorrow lies just beneath the veneer of upper-class society. A grisly series of murder has taken place, in the course of which all of the Atwal… Continue reading

THE BONE TIKI by David Hair

David Hair’s first novel, The Bone Tiki, is an impressive engaging debut, set in the author’s native New Zealand. Mat Douglas is the young protagonist and hero of the novel, a seemingly typical, ordinary teenage boy, half Maori-half European, bored with life, saddened by his parent’s separation, and a bit… Continue reading

LOCKED ROOMS by Laurie R. King

The Mary Russell series of whodunnits –  also featuring her husband, one older gentleman named Sherlock Holmes –  is a joy to read. Fun, ever so slightly irreverent, and good mysteries in their own right, regardless of the high profile husband and his famous friends. This novel takes us to… Continue reading


Having only recently discovered the wonderful Sherlock Holmes meets Kim whodunnit, “The Game” by Laurie R. King, this reviewer decided to go back to the first book in this eminently readable series, which is actually a series about the gutsy young Mary Russell. aka Mrs. Sherlock Homes. In “The Beekeeper’s… Continue reading


“Kipling Sahib” by Charles Allen is a well-written, well-researched, fascinating look into the Indian part of Rudyard Kipling’s life, those relatively few years he spent in India, but which marked him for life. And for literature. Charles Allen brings to this book all the detailed yet seemingly relaxed research of… Continue reading


Ever wondered what happened to Sherlock Homes, after he fell over the Reichenbach Falls and was presumed drowned ? The only clue generations of Sherlock Homes fans had were two meagre sentences beginning “I travelled for 2 years in Tibet…” Jamyang Norbu’s clever, well-written novel fills in these missing 2… Continue reading

RED SUN by Sudeep Chakravarti

What does one do, as a mere reader, when a book so profoundly shakes you up, frightens you even ? Review it, in the fervent hope that more people will thereby read it. It’s not much of a contribution to one of India’s most alarming social problems, but if one… Continue reading

BESIEGED by Mahmood Farooqui

Does a reviewer have a moral obligation to finish a book ? If so, then this review must carry a caveat.  Half way through, mired down by too much information, and  too heavy a writing style, this reviewer abandoned “Besieged”. The writer has done a hugely impressive job of tracking… Continue reading